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SOLAR Shipping Lines is ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Shipping Agent and Member of Bangladesh Shipping Agents' Association (BSAA).

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Your presence with SOLAR Shipping Lines., Chattogram, Bangladesh is secure and well taken care of with our top-notch service.

Shipping Agency Services in Bangladesh Specialized in all natures of Cargo & Demolition Vessels

Our Agency services involve comprehensive management of all aspects related to a vessel port call in Chattogram, Bangladesh. Our dedicated team ensures efficient port calls and seamless operations for your good vessels whether she arriving Chattogram, Bangladesh for discharging Cargo or demolition/scrapping purpose (Smooth demolition delivery to the buyer’s).

Crew Change & Repatriation Agency Services

We, SOLAR Shipping Lines provide crew change and repatriation services in accordance with the Bangladesh Port Authority's regulations. Our skilled team can offer effective crew change services at the port of Chattogram taking care of all that is required, such as logistics, documentation, accommodation and the best possible transportation with facilities for signing on and off facilities.

Ship owner protective agent (OPA)

We are acting as a owners’ protective agents (OPA) with activities covering the interest of commercial/technical operators of the vessel. We check vessel line up, port situation and give information on cargo discharge readiness. Our services may also include acting as charterers’ nominated agent in terms of port activities, acting as ship owner agents.

Inward-Outward Clearances

The Agency Handled Inward / Outward Clearances of Vessels At Chattogram Port, we handle all the necessary customs and port regulations, minimizing delays and ensuring smooth sailing for your good vessels.

S&P Brokers for Secondhand and Demolition Vessels

Apart of our Shipping Agency services we have strong S&P team of experienced brokers focusing on sales and purchase of various sizes and type of vessels for Secondhand and Demolition with the support of shipowners and cash buyers especially in Bangladesh.

Worldwide chartering broker, commodity brokers/agents

Apart of our Shipping Agency services and S&P Brokers for Secondhand and Demolition Vessels we acting as worldwide chartering broker, commodity brokers/agents for more than 25 years for various items including steel scrap.